Chamber of Deputies

February 3, 2023

On February 3rd 2023 the not for-profit A.N.G.E.LS.- National Association of Great Energies Leading Solidarity presented the project “Women in Love” in the Chamber of Deputies where it was discussed of the fight against the female genital mutilations. Among the speakers of the meeting – promoted and moderated by Benedetta Paravia – there were Senator Maurizio Gasparri, Vice President of the Senate, the Hon. Maria Teresa Bellucci, Deputy Minister for Labor and Social Policies; the Hon. Annarita Patriarca, Secretary of the Presidency and Member of the XII Social Affairs Commission of the Chambers of Deputies; Prof. Maria Rita Parsi, psychoyherapist and writer; Linda Laura Sabbatini, Chair Woman20 2021 and columnist; Prof. Luigi Tivelli, author; Prof Maurizio Fiasco, sociologist.