#02 Stefania

“It is said that the slightest flap of a butterfly’s wings is capable of causing a hurricane on the other side of the world.” The Butterfly effect.

From a distance only colored lights, but slowly as the pleasure grows, the lights show themselves for what they are: a swarm of butterflies ready to soar in the height of pleasure. Delicate, colorful and ephemeral, just as a butterfly is Stefania’s pleasure.


Stefania became a mother and parent at the age of 21. Today she has two children and a passion for modelling. She loves her freedom and posing for photo shoots. She had to endure prejudice and discrimination, even when he attended school, due to her physicality which also attracted the professors. A few years ago she discovered that she has SLD (Specific Learning Disabilities) but despite everything she feels lucky and is aware that she is a winning woman who has always fought and won.

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