#03 Diana

“[…] lava descended from the dark mountain, tracing roots of fire to the pine of smoke.” Hans Christian Andersen.

Fiery, relentless, overwhelming. Everything is destroyed as it passes, only rock remains, hard and hot. Hot and sweaty, Diana’s face explores her pleasure journey with vehemence, at the apex she explodes like a volcano, with rivers of lava all around.


Diana is 40 years old and grew up on Lake Bracciano in the province of Rome. She is the mother of Sveva who is 10 years old. She is proud of her parents but she is thankful to her grandparents who pushed her passion for travels, so she became an air hostess. Over the years she has cultivated her interest in the author nude by becoming a model herself. She suffered sexual, physical and psychological violence from a violent and jealous ex-partner who she had the courage to report. Unfortunately, the head trauma she suffered led her to have epileptic seizures which, fortunately, she manages to control. She is happy to be able to be an example of resilience for other women who have experienced or experience domestic violence.

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