#05 Monica

“But on one point there is no doubt. And that is that you, coming out of that wind, will not be the same as you were coming into it.” Haruki Murakami.

High winds, thunder, lightning. The arrival of the storm is recognizable by the thunder. Pleasure lulls Monica like a gentle breeze and then petrifies her at the climax. Sensations that leave a mark on the body and in the soul.


Monica is from Tuscany and as a child. She saw people she loved so much leaving too soon. This suffering taught her to get up after falls. She has a great desire to live but also thinks a lot about others. She teaches in secondary school and has always dreamed of this job. She had a “soul disease” that lead her in excruciating questions and doubts about what was right and what was wrong. She feels close to the issues of gender dysphoria having assisted a friend who has been the victim of deep inner and social discomfort.

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