#07 Francesca

“Whoever wants to pluck a flower will see it die.” Benedetta Paravia.

Francesca’s pleasure starts unexpectedly and then gradually increases and unfolds in its splendor during the climax. Like a flower that, as it opens, soars into the essence of life.


Francesca is 25 years old and already knows how to carve out her own spaces even if she loves to be sociable. She does not care about the judgments of others but fears the consequences of marginalization and social exclusion. She writes a lot in her diary but she doesn’t like to talk about herself with others: she is afraid that, by doing so, this could turn against herself. She wears armor to protect herself but still doesn’t know what. Despite her modesty, she decided to participate in this project hoping it could set an example for other women not to repress themselves out of fear of others.

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